Renewable Energy Technology

Electrical energy is a resource with ever-growing
needs that demands renewable and affordable
generation sources for sustainability. Solar collection and
low-grade biomass materials provide two of the most
cost-effective processes available today for reliable electrical
power generation. Our state-of-the-art technologies and facilities
ensure dependable sources for generating electrical power.

Solar Technology Deployment

Sunlight Partners is a developer of small-scale solar array deployments that deliver energy to public utilities and communities.


Increasing electrical power generation capacity in the United States using inexpensive, practical and scalable alternative energy options.


Sunlight Partners continually identifies and develops small scale solar energy projects using non-productive land and underutilized power lines to quickly permit, interconnect and generate electrical power for access by utilities.

solar cells for renewable energy technology

Proven Solar Technology

Sunlight Partners utilizes the most cost effective and proven technologies in all of its solar array installations and alternative energy projects.

solar panels for renewable power generation

Distribution Model

Proven solar technology generates power at the distribution end of the electrical grid. This approach minimizes the need for additional transmission lines. Solar energy plants are a maximum of 1 to 5 megawatts and designed to integrate seamlessly into communities.

making a difference with our alternative energy investments

Making a Difference

Focused on distributed generation projects which take advantage of existing electric company infrastructure — shortening development time and putting renewable energy to use at lower cost. Sunlight Partners' systems capture solar energy efficiently with cutting edge design to fuel communities, as well as improving the environment.

renewable biomass energy company building renewable power generation transfered through power lines

Renewable Power Generation

Burgess BioPower is a state-of–the-art 75-megawatt power plant that burns sustainable biomass to generate electricity.


Efficiently and economically generate electricity from sustainable resources while complying with stringent regulatory and emissions requirements.


Burgess BioPower was designed to use woody biomass as a sustainable fuel source, and the plant was engineered to comply with all requirements for renewable energy generation content and emissions.

sustainable power generation facility drawing

A New Life

The Burgess BioPower plant is a repurposed former pulp/paper mill with an existing infrastructure and an established fuel supply. The electrical generation process is sustainable because the plant uses biomass exclusively as a perpetually renewable energy source.

a cleaner environment with renewable alternative energy

Breath of Fresh Air

The new wood-combustion technology is far more efficient than similar coal facilities. The technology also reduces the plant's emissions resulting in greatly improved air quality by reducing nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and mercury emissions, as well as greenhouse gasses.

PSNH and renewable biomass energy

Committed Purchase Agreement

Public Service of New Hampshire, the State's largest utility, has committed to purchasing 100% of the electricity produced with an approved 20-year power purchase agreement. Burgess BioPower also has secured a 20-year fuel supply agreement, as well as a long-term ash disposal contract.