Recycled Resources Technology

Reusing resources through recycling is key to promoting and creating a more sustainable world. The unique ability to produce sustainable plastic containers and organic agricultural products relies on our innovative recycling and manufacturing approaches. The resulting cost-effective and high-performance end products utilize raw materials that otherwise would be discarded.

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Plastic Recycling & Manufacturing

Purified Plastics is a manufacturer of recycled plastic flake and preforms for the food and beverage packaging industry.


Reduce plastics in the waste stream and increase the volume of recycled food grade plastics used for consumer packaging.


Purified Plastics’ utilizes innovative processes and equipment in order to recycle waste plastic into raw materials and then produce up to 100% recycled plastic FDA approved preforms for the food and beverage industry.

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Meeting Growing Demand

Growing demand for plastics, coupled with an increased focus on sustainability have led companies to rethink how much recycled content they should be putting into their food-grade containers. Recycled content for containers has two principal advantages – lower cost and higher sustainability. Purified Plastics meets these challenges with state-of-the-art equipment and raw material supplier partnerships.

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Ready Customers and Suppliers

Purified Plastics has chosen the Eastern U.S. corridor as its initial target market, having formed exclusive supplier agreements with several large consumer products customers in the region and secured a recycled plastic supply source that is critical to its success.

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Efficient Operations

By cutting steps out of the traditional supply chain and manufacturing process, Purified Plastics requires less energy and time with lower costs, while producing a superior, sustainable FDA-approved recycled PET through is own in-house recycling and manufacturing operation.

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Renewable Proteins

Organic Nutrition Industries develops renewable proteins for the agricultural feed industry.

(ONI is at present in research & development and is an example of Cate Street Capital's commitment to providing sustainable solutions for our planets environmental challenges)


Improve availability, quality and sustainability of food resources for a growing, global population.


Organic Nutrition develops and produces high protein products for use by the agricultural and aquatic farming industries through a patented process for converting organic food waste into feedstock.

Using recycled resources technology

Seizing a Market Opportunity

Organic Nutrition has developed a scalable process using organic waste to convert insects into valuable feedstock products. This accomplishment overcame historical viability and scalability barriers that have prevented entomologic protein from participating in the global agricultural feed market.

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Comprehensive Process

As a manufacturer of insect-based feedstock products, Organic Nutrition's innovations cover the spectrum of activities associated with the breeding, rearing, and processing of insects into feedstock and other types of products. Discarded organic waste will be recycled into food for the insects, and the non-invasive insect larvae will convert the food into organic proteins and other salable products.

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Strategically Located

Plant facilities are located near feedstock sources and product end users, reducing both transportation distances and distribution carbon footprints.