Forest Products Technology

Forests provide energy generation and paper products from the ultimate renewable resource. Our forest product technologies preserve the vitality of forests and revitalize industries with clean and sustainable products offering superior performance. Torrefied wood provides an alternative fuel source for generating energy, while our sustainable and renewable papermaking business creates products that meet precise functional requirements.

Torrefied Wood Manufacturing

Thermogen is a manufacturing company that employs a proprietary microwave technology to produce torrefied wood products for commercial energy generation by utilities.


Burning standard fossil coal, a non-renewable fuel, burdens public utilities and communities by producing noxious emissions and exceeding regulatory goals for reduction of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.


Thermogen Industries manufactures an economical, sustainable and carbon-neutral torrefied wood fuel that can supplement the use of coal in existing facilities, reduce harmful emissions and meet newer, more stringent clean air standards.

torrefaction is a forest products technology


Our torrefaction process involves changing the properties of wood using microwave technology, not heat. Microwaving the wood creates a product which burns cleaner and has the same BTU heat output as coal.

Aurora Black alternative fuel technology

Aurora Black®

Our clean fuel called Aurora Black® offers advantages for specific applications and meets the Federal definition of a Renewable and Alternative Fuel, and significantly reduces sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Plant burning alternative fuel

Co-Exists with Coal

Aurora Black® functions seamlessly alongside other solid fuels, such as coal or by itself to optimize performance and reduce costs. It provides improved boiler efficiency and performance, and is compatible with existing equipment.

Paper Manufacturing

Great Northern Paper is known as a producer of high-quality papers using a sustainable and environmentally responsible business model.


Publishers are demanding consistent high-quality papers at competitive prices for standard and specialized printing needs.


Great Northern Paper provides high-quality paper at a competitive price using raw materials that contribute to superior performance for a variety of printing and publishing needs.

investing in 100 years of forest products

Over a Century of Papermaking

For over 100 years, Great Northern Paper has served the publishing industry with its high-performance papers, making it one the most experienced and reliable paper manufacturers in North America.

Sustainable paper production from raw fiber materials

Sustainable Raw Materials

Great Northern Paper receives virtually all of its raw fiber material from the millions of acres of the great north woods of Maine. Our strategic mill location ensures a reliable and consistent fiber source, assuring competitively priced products and shipping costs.

Superior renewable paper products on a wheel

Superior Paper Products

Based on demand, we have the flexibility for producing a variety of paper grades for specialized printing needs. Our unique paper formulation enhances physical properties for optimized products that meet the needs of specific printing applications.