The energy to change the world.

Brilliant innovations come from ideas that ultimately change the way we live and work. At Cate Street Capital, we look for innovative ideas and champion projects that are designed to make the world a better place. We attract creative thinkers with bright ideas and support advances that will make a difference.

Three Focused Market Sectors Forest Products Renewable Energy Recycled Resources

Making A Difference

We develop innovative technologies and unique processes within three focused market sectors and nurture them to full commercial viability.

By creating sustainable technologies and green jobs in America, we are not only improving the environment of the planet, but also our country's economic vitality.

Sustainable Technologies

The world needs revolutionary and sustainable technologies today, not tomorrow. That is why we dedicate our resources to intelligent and achievable ideas which can be commercialized and brought to market quickly.

Bringing Advanced Technologies To Life

If you want to invest in companies that are designed to improve the planet, and your portfolio, connect with us today. We are continually seeking motivated and like-minded investors for all of our projects.